What is It?

MANDALO.NET is a web service that lets you send files over the internet. Instead of sending e-mail attachments or using a FTP Service, you can use MANDALO.NET to you upload your files and share them online for a limited period of time.


Why is it Useful?

Sending files over the internet has become a real problem , due to the tight security built into most e-mail clients, there's no way to guarantee that your files will in fact be delivered. MANDALO.NET over comes this issue by storing your file and providing you with a download link which you can send to your recipients and share.


How does it work?

It is quite simple. Just select the files that you will need to send, you can password protect them, set a download expiration time and optionally enter the e-mail details of the persons who should be notified of the files that you want to send them. Then, you just click on the PROCESS UPLOAD button and the system will upload your files and send an e-mail notification and provide you with a URL which you can use to share your files.


How was it developed?

MANDALO.NET was developed using XIGLA SOFTWARE's Absolute File Stream Software. A Software for sending files and sharing them online. In fact, MANDALO.NET was built out of the box by using this system, only the logo was changed and the ads included.

XIGLA SOFTWARE is also the owner of MANDALO.NET, they decided to set it up as a service in order to guarantee that their files were delivered to their customers.


Why the Name?

Because it is cool! MANDALO is a variation for SEND IT in spanish. It sounds trendy and very Web 2.0 - Like!


How can I Contact You ?

As Mandalo.NET is a XIGLA SOFTWARE service, you can get more information by using XIGLA SOFTWARE's Contact Form Here